3 interesting ways to mathematically engage with your child

3 interesting ways to mathematically engage with your child

We all travel, visit different places like museums, adventure parks, animal rides and eat a variety of food and remember the vacations for years to come. Why do we remember it and recall it at different occasions? This is so because we experienced it and felt different emotions during these times. We learn more and more when we see it, feel it, this is when our mind captures the feelings and deposits it in the bank of memories.  


Similarly, when a child experience numbers, shapes, quantities, money, time at different scenarios, they experience and remember for a longer period of time. Like I shared on my blog http://blog.k12.edusaksham.com/2017/05/yes-maths-can-be-your-childs-best-friend.html, it’s important that we help children to have good experience with Maths. Make them think, make them curious, ask questionsbrainstorm and most important let them make mistakes, we learn from mistakes too…isn't it?

Here are 3 interesting ways which can help to get mathematically engaged with children:


  •  Seek their help in Grocery shopping:

It’s the most simple, informal yet very effective way to learn about money, measurements, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplication, division altogether. They also learn about budgeting and spending money more wisely. They even start to understand the value of money and cut down on their excessive demands.



  • Take them out to places:

While travelling you can discuss the concepts like distance/speed/time, area, circumference and more. While you show them the monuments/parks…describe them about different career avenues like engineering, architecture, interior designing, advertising and many more. Make your child aware. It’s not a necessity that they develop instant career choices but awareness will help them to develop their interest levels and eventually a career.



  • Share more stories:

Share stories involving mathematical concepts or better let them put together a mathematical story together with you. This could be real fun with learning. Allow them to tell their own incidents at school/ with friends and how they used different concepts in daily life.

Children are more curious and effective when they understand the application of things. Just tweaking a little bit of our approach and engagement with them can be really helpful to them. I wish you all more maths practice for your kids.


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Students (class 3-10) can assess their concepts by clicking on the link given below: 


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