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Foundation Of Reasoning & Analytics

EduSaksham comes with a well researched and in-depth practice platform to help students prepare well for their Maths Olympiads.

Math Olymiad

With continuous and research methods from our great team and regular feedbacks, faith and support from everyone around, we have given the best a student can ask for preparing for Olympiads. Almost all of our users believe that the quality of the course material is very well matching and very similar to the Olympiad standards which helps in evaluations and improvements of the subject. We are continuously working and available to maintain the belief and expectations from our users.

Course Features

  • Systematic Practice
  • Continuous Assessment
  • Continual Improvement


Get into practice with best of the worksheets

Classes Details No of Worksheets Duration Buy Now
  • Class 3
50+ 1 Year
  • Class 4
50+ 1 Year
  • Class 5
50+ 1 Year
  • Class 6
50+ 1 Year
  • Class 7
50+ 1 Year



Akshainie-4th Grade - Greenwood High, Bangalore

Anupma (Akshainie's mother) I have grown up in a family where my father used to give me practice maths paper every day which I need to finish before I go to play. I think that strong foundation of solving new questions every day helped me to clear my IITJEE exam. But as working women, I always had time challenge to create practice Math papers for my daughter. Thanks to EduSaksham, their questions are so logical and conceptual that I don't feel the guilt of not creating practice questions by myself :). There are plenty of worksheet along with the tutorials for each chapter. It has made parents life easier :) And the best part is my daughter loves doing it. Thank you EduSaksham.


Aditya Bansal-4th Grade - Greenwood High School, Bangalore

Geeta Bansal (Aditya's Mother) - I would like to thank Edusaksham on behalf of my son Aditya who attended " Math Olympiad crash course for 5 weeks". As per Aditya, this course helped him to understand new topics like Roman numerals and decimal places which were not taught in his school till date and had a better understanding of other topics. I personally thank EduSaksham for all the help and support.


Vedant-4th Grade, Greenwood High, Bangalore

Shikha Chowdhary (Vedant's Mother) - We had a good experience with EduSaksham. Because sheets are available online, Vedant enjoyed doing more and more sheets without any reminders. I could leave him on his own as he was very much motivated to cover the topics. Practice is very important in maths but it becomes difficult for us to prepare sheets, I am glad we found EduSaksham where in a lot of in a lot of sheets are available for practice and the quality of questions are also good. As it's a venture from IITians we could think of giving it a try and I am glad we tried

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