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EduSaksham is an EdTech company, engineered to enable through education. EduSaksham welcomes all the students, with an innate desire to learn and grow. Established in 2015, by a group of IIT Bombay Alumni with a vision to Saksham (enable) students at every stage of their academic life. EduSaksham is devoted to excellence in academia learning, analytics and developing leaders from the very young age. The academic experts are deeply involved in designing the content to push the circumference of the human knowledge. We are dedicated to preparing students to enter in the discipline of their interest.

EduSaksham provides the most comprehensive test package with well-organized test papers for continuous practice till the exam. EduSaksham is an online platform and will cater to students from all places and various coaching institutes and have a large student community where students come only to appear for test and compare their preparation level among the peer level. This will help student gauge their present level and supplemented with instant reports and detailed feedback, student can start working on his weak areas instantly and increase his preparation level.

You immediately get free test papers when you register for a free trial for any course. Any registered student can appear for these tests and get their cumulative rankings.

Yes, we provide solutions and explanations along with best possible tips & tricks for every question so that student can cross check his solution and pick the best to crack his exam.

You will need an internet connection to use EduSaksham. You can use EduSaksham on a computer or a tab or mobile.

EduSaksham is an assessment tool that will aid you during your course of study and exam preparation. Ideally, you should take up the assignments when you get a basic understanding of the relevant concepts. EduSaksham will provide you feedback for your performance, which you can use to identify your weak areas and work on them. You can test track progress using EduSaksham.

Self-study and practice is a pre-requisite for excellence in any exam. Student will need to constantly write the assignments and worksheets and track his progress. EduSaksham empowers students to do this and help them better plan their preparation.

Absolutely. EduSaksham can take away your headache of preparing questions as you can supplement your classroom teaching by asking students to practice test papers using EduSaksham. This will also help your students measure their performance among a large student community and can also help you in producing more results in competitive exams.

We have content for Maths from class 3 – 10 and Foundation Physics from class 9 - 10. K12 content will have concepts and worksheet for students which will help schools make student future ready with early age adoption of technology. K12 content will also help private tutors use our course content to teach students and conduct exam and test student knowledge of a particular topic.

We have professional courses in VLSI domain. These courses will help final year students and working professionals to take up jobs in industry and help people learn new skills and update their skillset in industry.

You can pay for EduSaksham using a credit/debit card, net-banking, and using most online wallets. Select a course which you want to enroll and click on Buy now button. The website will ask your personal details and payment details. Once authorized, course access will be automatically granted to you upon successful completion of transaction.

We offer complete transparent process. However, in case of any unsuccessful transaction where card is charged, please write to us on support@edusaksham.com and we will resolve the issue on the priority basis. However, if transaction fails and your account is not charged, you can reattempt for payment and it will work successfully.

100% money back guarantee if you cancel within 7 days of your purchase. After that, there will be no refund of fee. Once canceled within 7 days, we will deduct only the bank processing charges for the transactions.

You can directly contact us in case you face any issues. You can email us at support@EduSaksham.com