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A tutor plays multifaceted roles by serving students as a helper and sometimes as a model student. Tutors assess the learning of students and give additional assistance by sharing tips and strategies for improvement in studies.The subject matter experts always give their best to help their students learn their conceptual knowledge.

Customized Learning Our curriculum is designed to help students and tutors to stay on course with the course requirements. A comprehensive course material gives an in-depth insight into respective subjects

Technology Enabled Learning A mix blend of offline and online coaching can be designed to suit the current styles and demands of the students supporting paper-based learning and also the tabletbased education.

Personalized Attention EduSaksham solutions are designed for a small number of batches to a more significant amount of shipments without bringing any difference in the quality of the services.

Why use Edusaksham platform for online teaching

Conduct Online Classes
Supplementary Content
to teach online
Conduct Quizzes
Become an Affiliate &
earn money
Larger student pool
available for teaching
Personalized Performance
report of students

Conduct Online tuition/teaching

  • Conduct Online live classes
  • Interactive feature for increased student participation
  • Conduct quizzes
  • Assign homework online and check it in run time

Learn after class hours

  • Practice Test and work sheets with stepwise explanation for better understanding
  • Detailed notes for every topic for revision at home
  • Discussion forum for instant doubt clarification

Detailed performance reports

  • Periodic progress report and detailed analytics of each tests.
  • Review & share the report with parents online
  • See the gap analysis of learning outcome

Benefits for Tutors

Tutors get benefitted with various kinds of lessons including practice and assessments questions. They can focus a lot on teaching concepts and also use our video lessons for flipped learning among students. Tutors can monitor and track the progress and performance of students in the app. It can also help identify strong and weak areas for the students to the tutors so they can help in the required areas to bring the student up to the level. Tutors can use the assessments to save on time and analyse performance of the various students in one go.

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