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Welcome to EduSaksham

EduSaksham is an online Education company started by a group of people who comes from a distinguished academic background. The company is Founded by Sanjeev Kumar Suman, who is an alumnus of IITK/IITB and has close to two decades of rich experience in the technology domain.

Receiving Knowledge is important but evaluating the understanding gained is also critical. Adapting to learn digitally from the formative years will build solid foundations for the students. In the current fast changing world there is a need to create more awareness. More collaborative actions between parents and educators are needed. Technology can bring a deep impact for personalised education.

Our products are designed to build solid foundation during the childhood development. Our key offerings are in K12 and competitive exams. For school students, we offer complete online solution where students can enrol for our courses and access them as per their convenience. Practicing online gives them a lot of flexibility in taking the courses, it also helps students get personalised feedback. Online courses with detailed analytics help our students to increase their performance level in all exams.

To do well in any competitive exams, time and accuracy of answers plays a major important role. Students benefit from time analysis and they also improve their accuracy levels. Students can track and improve their performance through our detailed analysis of their learning patterns. Identification of strong and weak areas helps students for better performance. We offer Foundation Courses through the formative years, students may not need any extra preparation as our courses prepare them for competitive exams right from the early age of their preparations.


Empowering society through education for development and growth.


Our mission is to nurture every kid from โ€œCradle to Careerโ€ and bring the best out of them. We aspire to take Science and Technology learning to the last mile of the society.

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