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How Can Non Engineers Crack UPSC

ngineers also need to devote time and hard work to qualify it in order to proceed to Mains. The exam pattern is different than CAT and other competitive examinations taken by engineers.


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How to attain the cut off for CSAT


To ensure clearing the CSAT cut off, candidates from non-MBA and non-engineering background should understand what CSAT is testing you for.


Give good amount of time to CSAT: Time needs to be devoted to preparing for CSAT as it may be a qualifying exam but it can become a game-changer for clearing the preliminary round.

Get your basics clear: In the changed pattern, the stress is more on the concept clarity rather than memorizing data. Candidates should focus on understanding the basics.


Focus on your strengths: You should stress hard and prepare for the areas which are your strong suite. But this should be done by obtaining knowledge of the question paper pattern, and match that with your strongest skills.



Having a strong determination: A strong determination and desire is vital to clear the examination. It is always better to start the exam preparation much in advance and get well equipped with the pattern and key areas to focus on.


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Skillsets tested for in CSAT


The skills which are tested for CSAT are provided below.


  • Comprehension

  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills

  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability

  • Decision-making and problem-solving

  • General mental ability

  • Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, etc. - Class X level)

  • Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. - Class X level)

  • English language comprehension skills (Class X level)


With the right kind of information and time in hand, anything is achievable. Positive attitude and hard work are also of vital importance. With the number of non engineers clearing the UPSC each year, and the exam papers giving an equal opportunity to both, the future of non engineers in UPSC looks bright.