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EduSaksham strongly believes that true learning is simplified when students understand basic concepts right. Through our Learning App we have made learning process more engaging and interesting for students. Various Researches have shown parental engagement has a positive impact for studentโ€™s achievement. Better Learning brings higher grades, enrolment in higher level programs, better adaptation to school, improved behaviour and better social skills, etc.

We involve parents in the journey of their childrenโ€™s learning by giving regular and timely diagnostic reports. The reports depict the strong and weak skills of their wards, thus providing a direction for proper guidance.

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The schools share the most important responsibility of educating children by serving various aspects such as mental, social and physical developments of kids and directly contributes to the growth of the nation. And for a nation to progress, the education institutions strive continuously for making improvements. Teachers are base for building the right foundation of children. We assist teachers in tracking progress, performance, and enhance learning capabilities in the students through our technology resulting in developing their unique talents and intellect.

Customized Learning The curriculum is designed to help students and tutors to stay on course with the course requirements. A comprehensive course material is giving deep insights into the subject.

Technology Enabled Learning A mix blend of offline and online coaching can be designed to suit the current styles and demands of the students supporting cloud-based learning and also the tablet-based learning.

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The subject matter experts always give their best to help their students brush up their conceptual knowledge. A tutor plays multifaceted roles by serving students as a helper and sometimes as a model student. Tutors assess the learning of students and give additional assistance by sharing tips and strategies for improvement in studies.

Similarly, an institution works as an additional tool that can help you in performing better in studentโ€™s day to day studies and especially in competitive exams. An institution can understand strong and improvement areas, work on the immediate requirements, and help in filling the gaps that an ordinary class engagement may not fulfil. It can also measure the performance and progress made by the student over a period of time.

Customized Learning Our curriculum is designed to help students and tutors to stay on course with the course requirements. A comprehensive course material gives an in-depth insight into respective subjects.

Technology Enabled Learning A mix blend of offline and online coaching can be designed to suit the current styles and demands of the students supporting paper-based learning and also the tablet-based education.

Personalized Attention EduSaksham solutions are designed for a small number of batches to a more significant amount of shipments without bringing any difference in the quality of the services.

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Our Approach

Personalized Learning

EduSaksham offers a completely personalized learning experience for every user. The system provides a unique learning experience for the user and helps them learn the concepts at their level. User can complete the lessons at his own pace and access it from anywhere on the go. Each user gets his own dashboard which helps track his performance and progress. User can access any lesson at any point of time based on his own learning needs. The system is designed in a way to support learning at every stage for every individual learner.

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Self-Paced Learning

EduSaksham provides self-paced learning courses. Users can learn the lessons at their own pace and are not left behind for any of the lessons. Each user on the platform has his own profile where content is presented to the user based on his choice. The user gets access to the entire content, and then the user can decide which lesson he wants to learn. If a learner is not able to understand the concept in one go, he has full control to playback the lessons. Moreover, the end-user may attempt any quiz multiple times until his concepts are clear.

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Modular Course Structure

The entire course structure is created in a modular structure for all the courses to enhance better learning for the students. Students learn one concept at a time. We have created smaller modules for the students so they can watch/read/practice the lessons as per their attention level. If a student wants to do more, then he can move on to the next experience quickly. Modular course structure also helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses per topics, which helps improve the overall performance of the students.

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Extensive Experimental Concepts

All our courses include a lot of experimental ideas to make students understand the topics very easily. We use our day to day life objects to draw parallels to the concepts and make students learn from our surrounding. Our science courses use a lot of experiments for the students to make the visualizations stronger for the ideas as visual memory helps them retain the concept for the more extended period. We innovatively bring our courses closer to the real life so students can learn better with their daily objects.

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Advanced Analytics

EduSaksham offers advanced analytics and reporting to every student. Our analytics help student identifies their strengths and weaknesses and helps them work on them. Our in-depth analysis helps a student identify their mistakes, areas of concern, topic-level, proficiency level, etc. We provide a lot of analytics on time management for the assessments, questions, comparative analysis, among other students to help students understand their performance. It helps in remediate or accelerate their learning and achievement.

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Quick Exam Revision

EduSaksham has provided students with excellent smart exam revision modules which help students quickly cover essential points from the chapter and get prepared fast. It will help students revise any topic quickly and practice the questions topic-wise for the chapters. These modules cover all the salient points of the chapters in a quick summary video, mind map-based notes, and a variety of good questions. These offerings help students prepare better for the exams and increase their performance.

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Doubt Clarification

EduSaksham course modules provide access to any lessons at any point in time. In case a student faces any doubt in any of the content, he can share his queries to us over our forum. Our experts will get back to him within no time. We provide complete detailed explanations for all the questions so students can get their doubts clarified instantly. Each description also links the concepts used within the problem, so if a student feels to check the content, he can directly visit the content and get his doubt clarified.

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Discussion Forum

We offer a discussion forum for students to discuss their queries if they have any. Our experts revert to the student queries and help them resolve their doubts. Fellow students can also help each other to clarify their doubts. Discussion forum helps build student community where they can learn from each other. Forum creates healthy learning environment among students. It also makes a repository of queries for the students to refer to any time in the future and get their doubts clarified on the runtime.

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