Chapter 3: How do Organisms Reproduce?

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How Do Organisms Reproduce?


What are the different methods of contraception?


Contraceptive is the method used to prevent unwanted pregnancies, contraceptive measures are adopted. It prevents the fertilization of an egg.

Methods of contraceptives are:

1. Use of mechanical barriers such as condoms (for the penis) so that the sperm do not reach the eggs. Cervical caps can be used for the vagina.

2. Use of oral contraceptive pills. These pills change the hormonal balance of the body so that the gees are not released. These pills have side effects.

3. A contraceptive device called copper-T or loop is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

4. Surgical methods: In females, the fallopian tube is blocked to prevent egg transfer. This is called a tubectomy. In males, the vas deference is blocked to prevent sperm transfer. This is called a vasectomy.

Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) or abortions– In this process, the developing embryo is removed. This practice is misused by the people who do not want a female child.

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