Chapter 2: Control and Coordination

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Control and Coordination


What is the function of receptors in our body? Think of situations where receptors do not work properly. What problems are likely to arise?


Receptors – Receptors are the specialized tips of the nerve cells that collect the information and pass it to the nerve cells. Receptors are usually located in our sense organs. For example, Olfactory receptors are the receptors that are present in the nose and these receptors receive smell.

The receptors present at the tip of the dendrite of nerve cells collect the information as a chemical reaction. These chemical reactions create an electric impulse. These impulses travel from the dendrite to the cell body, axon, and then to the end of the axon. The chemical is released at the end of the axon and crosses the synapse and sends the same electric impulse to the dendrite of the next neuron. In the same manner, the impulse is transferred from nerve cells to the muscles cells. So, if the receptors do not work properly, the information received from the environment will be delayed to reach the spinal cord or brain and delayed the response against the stimulus which can harm the body.

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