Chapter 3: Getting To Know Plants

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Getting to Know Plants


What are the parts of a flower?


The flower is that part of a plant that contains the reproductive organs. It contains four major parts:

1. Sepals - The small, green, leaf-like structure present at the base of flowers are known as sepals. Sepals protect the flower when it is in the form of bud.

2. Petal - Petals are the most colorful and attractive part of a flower. It attracts insects for pollination. The ring of petals in a flower protects the reproductive organs of a flower.

3. Stamens: Stamens are the male reproductive part of flowers. Stamen is made up of two parts: 

(a) Filament: The stalk of stamen is called a filament.

(b) Anther: The swollen top of stamen is called anther. The anther contains a yellow powder-like substance called pollen or pollen grains. The pollen grains contain the male sex cells of a plant.

4. Pistil: Pistil is the female reproductive part of the flower. The pistil is made up of three parts:

(a) Stigma: The top part of the pistil is called stigma. It is sticky so that pollens can stick to it. 

(b) Style: The middle part of the pistil is called style. It is a tube-like structure that connects the stigma to ovary.

(c) Ovary: The swollen part at the bottom of the pistil is called the ovary. The ovary contains tiny, egg-like structures called ovules. The ovules contain the female sex cells of a plant.

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