Chapter - 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas

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Basic Geometrical Ideas


1. Classify the following curves as (i) Open or (ii) Closed.

Solution: (a) Open Curve

(b) Closed Curve

(c) Open Curve

(d) Closed Curve

(e) Closed Curve


2. Draw rough diagrams to illustrate the following :

(a) Open curve         (b) Closed curve

Solution: (a) Open Curve

(b) Closed Curve


3. Draw any polygon and shade its interior.



4. Consider the given figure and answer the questions :

(a) Is it a curve?       (b) Is it closed?

Solution: (a) Yes, it is a curve.

(b) Yes, the given figure is closed.


5. Illustrate, if possible, each one of the following with a rough diagram:

(a) A closed curve that is not a polygon.

(b) An open curve made up entirely of line segments.

(c) A polygon with two sides.

Solution: (a)


(c) A polygon with two sides is not possible.




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