Chapter 7: Reproduction in Plants

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Reproduction in Plants


Describe the various ways by which seeds are dispersed.


Seeds and fruits of plants are carried away by the wind, water, and animals. They are called dispersal agents.

1. Dispersal by Wind - Seeds and fruits which are small in size and lightweight are dispersed by wind. They have hair or wings-like structure which help them to fly in the air. Ex: Sunflower, drumstick, and maple.

2. Dispersal by Water - Some seeds and fruits are dispersed by water. These seeds have the floating ability in the form of spongy or fibrous outer coats. Ex: Coconut and Water lily.

3. Dispersal by Animals - Some seeds develop hooks on their surface by which they get attached to the hairy bodies of animals and carried away to distant places. Ex: Xanthium and Urena.

4. Dispersal by Explosion - Some seeds are dispersed by the bursting of fruits with sudden jerks. In this, the seeds are scattered far away from the parent plant. This is called the explosive mechanism of seed dispersal.Ex: Pea, caster and balsam


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