Chapter 1: Fibre to Fabric

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Fibre to Fabric


Given below is a sequence of steps in the processing of wool. Which are the missing steps? Add them.

Shearing, __________, sorting, __________, __________, _________.


Wool is the natural fibre that is obtained from the body of an animal. It comes from sheep, goats, camel and some other animals also. The correct order of converting fibre to wool is shown below:

1. Shearing- Shearing is the process in which hairs, along with a thin layer of skin is removed from the body of the animal as shown in the figure given below how man is removing hairs from sheep’s body.

2. Scouring-Scouring is the process in which hairs are thoroughly washed in tanks filled with soapy water to remove dust and dirt as shown in the figure given below.

3. Sorting-After shearing and sorting are done, the hairy skin is sent to a factory where hairs of different textures are separated

4. Removing Burr-Burr is the small fluffy fibres that are taken out of the hairs.

5. Dyeing-It is the process of colouring fibres that are obtained from the hairy skin of animals because fibres have the only colour like white, brown, and black only.

6. Spinning-Spinning is the process of making yarn from fibres. In the given figure with the help of a machine, fibres are straightened, combed, and rolled into yarn. The longer fibres are made into wool for sweaters and shorter fibres are spun and woven into woollen clothes.

Hence, the correct sequence to process wool is:

Shearing, scouring, sorting, removing burr, dyeing, spinning.

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