Chapter 1: Fibre to Fabric

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Fibre to Fabric


Which of the following does not yield wool?

(i) Yak

(ii) Camel

(iii) Goat

(iv) Woolly dog


Wool is the natural fiber that is obtained from the body of an animal.  It comes from sheep, goats, camel and some other animals also. Camel wool is a type of wool that is obtained from the body of the camel. It is commonly found in Gujarat. Yak wool is common in Tibet and Ladakh in India. The Pashmina shawl is a fine shawl prepared from the soft goat hair of Kashmir. The woolly dog is a dog that is commonly found in the USA. The wool is not extracted from the Woolly dog.

Hence, the correct answer is (iv) Woolly dog.

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