Chapter - 3 Motion and Time

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Motion and Time


Suppose the two photographs, shown in Fig. 13.1 and Fig. 13.2, had been taken at an interval of 10 seconds. If a distance of 100 metres is shown by 1 cm in these photographs, calculate the speed of the fastest car. 


The distance covered by the blue car (as evident from the photograph) from one horizontal white strip to another, which is measured by scale is 1.2 cm.

It is given that 1 cm is equivalent to 100 m.

Therefore, 1.2 cm = 1.2 	imes 100 = 120 m.

Distance travelled by car = 120 m

Time = 10 s {Given}

Speed= frac{Distance}{Time}

Speed= frac{120}{10} = 12 m/s

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