Chapter - 3 Motion and Time

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Motion and Time


The odometer of a car reads 57321.0 km when the clock shows the time 08:30 AM. What is the distance moved by the car, if at 08:50 AM, the odometer reading has changed to 57336.0 km? Calculate the speed of the car in km/min during this time. Express the speed in km/h also.


An odometer is a device that indicates the total distance travelled by a vehicle. 

Given: At 8:30 AM reading on the odometer is 57321 km and at 8:50 AM reading on the odometer is 57336 km.

The time interval for the journey of a car = 8.50 AM - 8.30 AM = 20 minutes

We can calculate the distance travelled by car in the given time interval by finding the difference between the reading of the odometer at a particular time given.


Distance moved by car = Odometer reading at 8:50 AM - Odometer reading at 8:30 AM

Distance moved by car = 57336 km - 57321 km

Distance moved by car = 15 km

Now, for the speed of a car

Speed = frac{Distance}{Time}

Speed = frac{15 km}{20 min} = 0.75 km/min

For speed in km/h,

Time taken for the journey = 20 min

Time taken for the journey = frac{20}{60} = frac{1}{3} h

Speed = frac{15}{frac{1}{3}}

Speed = frac{15 	imes 3}{1}

Speed = 45 km/h

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