Chapter 5: Reproduction in Animals

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Reproduction in Animals


Choose the most appropriate answer.

(a) Internal fertilisation occurs

(i) in female body.

(ii) outside female body.

(iii) in male body.

(iv) outside male body.

(b) A tadpole develops into an adult frog by the process of

(i) fertilisation

(ii) metamorphosis

(iii) embedding

(iv) budding

(c) The number of nuclei present in a zygote is

(i) none

(ii) one

(iii) two

(iv) four


(a) The fertilization which takes place inside the female body is called internal fertilization. 

Hence, the correct answer is (i) in female body.

(b) The young one of the frog is called tadpole (or larva of a frog) which undergoes drastic changes to form a frog, this is called metamorphosis.

Hence, the correct answer is (ii) metamorphosis

(c) During the process of fertilisation, the nuclei of the sperm and egg fuse to form a single nucleus. This results in the formation of a fertilized egg which is called a zygote.

Hence, the correct answer is (ii) one.

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