Chapter 3: Conservation of Plants and Animals

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Conservation of Plants and Animals


In order to meet the ever-increasing demand in factories and for shelter, trees are being continually cut. Is it justified to cut trees for such projects? Discuss and prepare a brief report.


Forest is the place that provides resources to fill the demand of the human population. But, it also provides the habitat of several wild animals, birds, insects, etc. So, it is not justified to cut down trees to meet the ever-increasing demand in factories. The cutting of trees can only be justified by the process of reforestation. Reforestation means planting trees in an area in which forests were destroyed. It is important that the planted trees should be generally of the same species which were cut down from the forest during deforestation. Reforestation can take place naturally if the deforested area is left undisturbed. So, it is very important to find out ways to recycle and restore the resources that we obtain from the forest so that we cut fewer trees. 

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