Chapter 6: Reaching the Age of Adolescence

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Reaching the Age of Adolescence


List changes in the body that take place at puberty.


Changes at Puberty:

1. Increase in height – The most conspicuous change during puberty is the sudden increase in the height of boys and girls. During puberty, the long bones (bones of legs and arms) elongate and make a person tall. During puberty, the girls grow faster than boys but by the age of 18 years, both girls and boys reach their maximum height.

2. Change in body shape and appearance

Changes in boys - Boys develop broader shoulder, wider chest, and Adam’s apple (protruding part of the throat). Boys also develop facial hair, mustache, and beard.

Changes in girls – Girls develop broader hips, the region below the waist becomes wider in girls. Girls also develop breasts.

3. Change in voice – During puberty boys develop a larger voice box (larynx). This can be seen in boys as a protruding part of the throat called Adam’s apple. The larynx is small in girls so it is not clearly visible. Boys have deep voices and girls have a very high-pitched voice.

4. Development of pimples and acne on the face – The secretion of sweat glands and oil glands (sebaceous gland) increases during puberty. Due to this pimples and acne are formed on the face during this time.

5. Development of sex organs – During puberty the male sex organs like the testis and penis develop completely. During this time the penis starts producing sperms. In girls, the ovaries enlarge and start releasing mature eggs.

6. Reaching mental, emotional, and intellectual maturity – During adolescence boys and girls become more mature, independent. Adolescence is the time in boys' and girls' life when the brain has the greatest capacity for learning.




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