Chapter 2: Materials: Metals and Non-metals

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Materials: Metals and Non-metals


Which of the following statements is correct?

(a) All metals are ductile.

(b) All non-metals are ductile.

(c) Generally, metals are ductile.

(d) Some non-metals are ductile.


The property of materials to easily shape or draw them into wires is called ductility. Metals (such as aluminium and copper) are ductile which means that they can be drawn into wires. But, zinc, arsenic, mercury and antimony are some metals that are not ductile. So, statement (a) is incorrect and statement (c) is correct. 

Non-metals are neither ductile nor malleable. They are brittle by nature that is they form powdery mass if beaten by a hammer. But, carbon is the only non-metal that is are ductile and can be drawn into wires. So, statements (b) and (d) are incorrect.

Hence, the correct answer is (c) Generally, metals are ductile.

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