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Mention against each of the following whether regular or diffused reflection will take place when a beam of light strikes. Justify your answer in each case.

(a) Polished wooden table     (b) Chalk powder

(c) Cardboard surface            (d) Marble floor with water spread over it

(e) Mirror                                (f) Piece of paper


(a) Polished wooden table - Regular reflection.

A polished surface is smooth and shiny. Therefore, the wooden table that has been polished shows the regular reflection when a beam of light fall on it.

(b) Chalk powder - Diffused reflection.

Chalk powder spread on a surface is an example of an irregular surface. Hence, it is rough. Therefore, the diffused reflection will appear from chalk powder.

(c) Cardboard surface - Diffused reflection.

The surface of the cardboard is a kind of irregular surface. Hence, the diffused reflection will take place from a cardboard surface.

(d) Marble floor with water spread over it - Regular reflection.

A marble floor is a good example of a surface that is regular and the water spread over it makes the surface more smooth. Thus, the regular reflection occurs on this surface.

(e) Mirror - Regular reflection.

A mirror has a very smooth surface hence it gives a regular reflection.

(f) Piece of paper - Diffused reflection.

A piece of paper may look smooth but it has many irregularities on its surface. Because of this reason, it will give a diffused reflection.

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