Chapter 3: Diversity In Living Organisms

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Diversity in Living Organisms


What are the major divisions in the Plantae? What is the basis for these divisions?


Kingdom plantae is divided into five categories:

1. Thallophyta - The plant body is not differentiated into stem, root, and leaves. They are in the form thallus.

2. Bryophyta - Bryophyta are multicellular, autotrophic plants. Their body is differentiated into stem and leaf-like structures. 

3. Pteridophyta - In pteridophytes plant body is made up of root, stem, and leaves.

4. Gymnosperm - Gymnospermae is the most primitive and simple seed plant. They bear naked seeds (seeds are not enclosed within the fruits).

5. Angiosperm - Angiosperms are the most highly evolved plants. They have seeds that are enclosed within the fruit. 

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