Chapter 2: Is Matter around us Pure?

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Is Matter around us pure?


Q.10: Classify the following into elements, compounds, and mixtures:

(a)     Sodium

(b)     Soil

(c)     Sugar solution

(d)     Silver

(e)     Calcium carbonate

(f)     Tin

(g)     Silicon

(h)     Coal

(i)      Air

(j)      Soap

(k)     Methane

(l)      Carbon dioxide

(m)   Blood


Element is defined as a basic form of matter that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical reactions.

The compound is the substance that is prepared by combining two or more elements in a fixed proportion.

The mixture is formed by combining two or more substances in which each substance retains its characteristics.

Element: (a) Sodium; (d) Silver; (f) Tin; (g) Silicon;

Compound: (e) Calcium carbonate; (k) Methane; (l) Carbon dioxide

Mixture: (b) Soil; (c) Sugar solution; (h) Coal; (i) Air; (j) Soap; (m) Blood

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