Chapter 2: Is Matter around us Pure?

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Is Matter around us pure?


Q.4: Explain the following giving examples:

(a)     Saturated solution

(b)     Pure substance

(c)     Colloid

(d)     Suspension


(a) The solution which contains the maximum concentration of a solute that is dissolved in a solvent is called a saturated solution.

(b) A substance that has a fixed structure and is made up of only one kind of particle is called a pure substance. For example, silver, iron, etc.

(c) The colloidal solution is the solution in which the particles of a colloid are uniformly spread throughout the solution. The colloidal solution is a heterogeneous mixture. The particles of colloids are so small that is not visible to naked eyes. For example, milk is a colloidal solution.

(d) A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which the solute particles do not dissolve but remain suspended throughout the bulk of the medium.  For example, a mixture of chalk and water.

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