Chapter 2: Is Matter around us Pure?

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Is Matter around us pure?


Q.8: Identify the solutions among the following mixtures:

(a)     Soil

(b)     Seawater

(c)     Air

(d)     Coal

(e)     Soda water


(a) Soil is a heterogeneous mixture that consists of pebbles, sand, and plant matter which remain separate in the mixture. Thus, the soil is not a solution.

(b) Seawater contains a mixture of water and dissolved salt. So, it forms a homogenous mixture in which salt is the solute and water is the solvent. Thus, seawater is a solution.

(c) The air is a homogeneous mixture because it contains mixtures of different gases like nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, and so on. Thus, the air is a solution.

(d) Coal contains carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, and some other volatile impurities which form a mixture that does not have a uniform composition. So, it is a heterogeneous mixture. Thus, coal is not the solution.

(e) soda water is a homogenous mixture that contains carbon dioxide gas dissolved in water. Thus soda water is a solution.

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