Chapter - 5 Sound

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Explain how the human ear works.


Working of Human Ear: The structure of the ear is classified into three parts outer ear, middle ear and inner ear.

Outer ear: The outer is called Pinna. It collects the sound from surroundings and passes it in the middle ear through the auditory canal.

Middle ear: At the end of the auditory canal there is a thin elastic membrane called the eardrum. When compression of sound strikes the eardrum, the eardrum pushes inward and while the rarefaction eardrum moves outward. Thus, the eardrum starts vibrating.

The middle ear consists of three bones hammer, anvil and stirrup. These bones amplify the vibration and the amplified sound waves pass from the middle ear to the inner ear through the oval window.

Inner ear: In the inner ear the oval window is connected with a coiled tube structure called cochlea that converts pressure variations into electrical signals. The other side of the cochlea is connected to the auditory nerve which sends these electrical signals to the brain and the brain interprets them as sound.


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