Chapter - 3 Gravitation

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The volume of a 500 g sealed packet is 350 cm^3 . Will the packet float or sink in water if the density of water is 1 gcm^{-3}? What will be the mass of the water displaced by this packet?


We know,

Density = frac{Mass}{Volume}

Density of sealed packet = frac{500}{350} = 1.42 g/cm^3

Density of sealed packet is greater than density of water.

Therefore the packet will sink.

Now, considering Archimedes Principle,

Weight of the displaced water = Force exerted on the sealed packet.

mg = 
ho gv

Volume of water displaced = 350 cm^3

Therefore displaced water mass, m = 
ho 	imes v

m = 1 	imes 350 = 350 g

Mass of displaced water = 350 g.

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