Class 6 Social Science Maharashtra Board

Maharashtra Board Social Science Syllabus

Class 6 Social Science Maharashtra Board



  • The Indian Subcontinent and History
  • Sources of History
  • The Harappan Civilization
  • The Vedic Civilization
  • Religious Trends in Ancient India
  • Janapadas and Mahajanapadas
  • India during the Maurya Period
  • States after the Maurya Empire
  • Ancient Kingdoms of the South
  • Ancient India: Cultural
  • Ancient India and the World


  • Our Life in Society
  • Diversity in Society
  • Rural Local Government Bodies
  • Urban Local Government Bodies
  • District Administration


  • The Earth and the Graticule
  • Let us Use the Graticule
  • Comparing a Globe and a Map; Field Visits
  • Weather and Climate
  • Temperature
  • Importance of Oceans
  • Rocks and Rock Types
  • Natural Resources
  • Energy Resources
  • Human Occupations


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